There is a two step process for selecting winners.

Step 1: Home Office

Each application is received at the Home Office of Senior Living Communities and Wellmore in Charlotte, NC. The applications are carefully sorted into their respective communities. All personal identifiers (name, school, contact info, etc.) are removed from the applications. Instead, each application is given a unique number. The applications are sent to the participating locations for judging.

Step 2: Participating Locations

At the participating locations, the judges who are members at the retirement community read and select the winners. The judges will read all the essays without knowing the applicants’ names. This means that the winners are selected based on the quality and strength of their essay alone. Each community has different metrics for judging the essays.

Our judges are looking for:

– Research, insight and perspective.
– Theme development.
– Inspirational quality.
– Meaningful personal connection.
– Creativity.
– Clarity of ideas.